Why RIOT is partner of Ubuntu? (technical cosequences?)

Hi devs,

dont know if this is right the list - but are there any technical consequences?

What does RIOT want from Ubuntu? Are there any technnical plans of cooperation and how should Ubuntu help with that? What is the plan of Ubuntu? - ‘market positionig’ ? - “just a act pure love?”

Beside the critic about Ubuntu that you might know or just google - I clearly ask myself what this heavy commercialized dist want from RIOT?

" “ The open Ninja Sphere controller based on Ubuntu Core is a perfect base for building apps that interact with devices and sensors in your home. We look forward to the growth of a new ecosystem of inventors and creators and are delighted to provide them with a blank canvas for their creativity. ”"

My fear: Is RIOT is assimilated into a future 'EZ CRAZY COOL NInJA Ubuntu Core" soon?

Regards (parnoid)


Hi Jan,

Your fears are entirely ungrounded :slight_smile:

First of all, there are no concrete plans or even arrangements as of now.

From our point of view, RIOT lacks human interfaces (among other things), and if Ubuntu snappy apps turn out to be a fitting front end, we will probably support it, but not exclusively.

Second, as far add I know Ubuntu is criticized primarily for reasons that have to do with decision making. RIOT aims to be a proper open source project, so I'm not afraid of Canonical taking over the reins or something like that.

We (the core developers) are also in contact/affiliation with several other entities (companies and institutes) that have interests in RIOT or which are already using/financing/shaping development. (This means the influence of financially involved parties is distributed and it will most likely stay this way.) In this regard: we are currently in the process of creating a legal entity (a German Verein) with the goal of catering to both, RIOT's free software and financial needs.

Cheers, Ludwig

PS: this is not an official statement, just my personal view on things.

Hi Jan,

As far as I understood it, Ubuntu contacted us because they were looking for expertise on how to communicate with embedded devices which cannot run Linux.

A low-overhead solution that we suggested for their problem is: RIOT (and its network stack) runs simultaneously on IoT devices, and as a Linux process (native port) on whatever box they have in mind. This way, their communication problem could be solved rather easily.

Such a solution has no substantial consequences for RIOT : development & maintenance of RIOT’s native port and network stack are anyways part of the plan, whether or not Ubuntu is interested in using these building blocks.

Basically: RIOT is a free tool that can be used by anyone, why not by Ubuntu ;). But as far as I can tell, I don’t think we should fear RIOT becoming Ubuntu-ized.



Your fears are entirely ungrounded :slight_smile:

haha, why is everyone keep (except the voices in my head) telling that?

thanks for your clarifications and you replys Ludwig and Emmanuel they exactly hit the spot … and now back to the code :]