Where can i buy M3 Open Node ?

I couldn’t find anywhere to buy these nodes. I am on my Master Science Thesis. We develop scientific research on riot os using model driven software engineering to satisfy code generation for RIOT OS. However, i require these boards to test the program in real usecase.

The study is a scientific project and these nodes will be purchased by university. Can you show me to where to look ?

Best Regards, thanks.

Dear Burak,

(I assume you are talking about IoT-lab M3 nodes [1]). Buying these nodes is difficult.

Instead, could you consider just creating an account on IoT-Lab and using the IoT-Lab M3 nodes remotely? IoT-lab is an open access testbed [2] free to use, especially for academics :wink:



[1] https://www.iot-lab.info/hardware/m3/ [2] C. Adjih et al. ‘‘FIT IoT-LAB: A large scale open experimental IoT testbed,’’ In IEEE 2nd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), 2015. PDF online: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Emmanuel_Baccelli/publication/282667659_FIT_IoT-LAB_A_large_scale_open_experimental_IoT_testbed/links/569d138608ae78356e563f23.pdf


maybe it is a option for you to use a Bluepill & buy some additional sensor modules.

The bluepill has also a STM32F1. So, it’s more or less the same processor.

You can find a lot of these board & modules on Aliexpress.

best regards


Yes, i talk about Fit iot m3 board and i had tested a code in remote iotlab board on iotlab website. I need to test multi-hop and rpl. Actually it would be good if i could buy one of these useful boards:(

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