users Digest, Vol 51, Issue 2

Sorry the line as you said don’t fail, but when the thread pointer is created it has flag property and it take the value 2 that represent TIMEOUT, the process is executed 3 times and then it returns a fail because the condition if (flags & TFLAGS_RESP) never occur. It is rare because i can ping the IP of each device but the connection always fail.

What do you mean by “the flag is always different”? Does it have a value other than TIMEOUT or TFLAGS_RESP?

It always take the TIMEOUT value (different than the result expected)

Could you please check the output of the “ps” command after “con” fails? Just to rule out a stack overflow.

When i executed the ps command it show that the emcute stack is 1024 and is used 1020 so it’s probably a problem.