users Digest, Vol 21, Issue 7

Had someone fitted RIOT on EmBlocks?

Thank you,

Marcio Segura

Hi Marcio, I guess we’ll have some difficulties to use RIOT with Emblock (at least for now). First of all, Emblock is based on CodeBlock which doesn’t use Makefiles to build a project by default but the build process of RIOT does. Secondly, Emblock only run on windows. Gerard, who’s the maintainer of Emblock, doesn’t have plan to make a Linux version (because he doesn’t have time, I think). I’m not sure about the support for windows of RIOT still work for now.

If you want to use RIOT with an IDE then I think the easiest way is Eclipse with Makefile project on Linux. If you really want to use RIOT with Emblock then I don’t think it’s impossible. You may find a way to workaround these two problems. (CodeBlock can use Makefiles to build project, btw)

P/s: Personally, I really miss the speed and debugging feature of Emblock so if you can find some ways to use RIOT with Emblock, could you just let me know. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Nhat.