***UNCHECKED*** Agilefox bootloader

Hello rioters,

A while ago I started developing a bootloader for the agilefox boards, The idea was to have OverTheAir updates, which could be handy when you have 20 boards and 1 jtag.

Actually it is just a UART bootloader and it’s based on HiKoB’s port of FreeRTOS. We thought it might be interesting to whoever wants to do OTA for riot.

So does anyone started thinking about bootloaders or OTA for riot ? Any thoughts ?

regards, Ala

bootloader-agilebox.tar.gz (4.83 MB)


As there was no reply so far… I can only say that, yes, we want ota!

I don’t know about any concrete plans in that direction though.

Maybe you could open an issue and link to your stub for reference :slight_smile:

Cheers, Ludwig


yes, we indeed want OTA! I think this would be (another) relevant argument for convincing people to use RIOT.

Since yesterday there is a student group here at FU investigating dynamic linking for RIOT, which could be the complement for your bootloader. But so far (and as far as I know) there is now holistic concept for OTA for RIOT, right?!

Cheers, Hauke