Transfer media with RIOT-OS

Dear America,

can you clarify this question a bit: What platform, network stack, and network technology do you use? What do you mean by 'media'?

If you consider RIOT with the GENRC stack on an average constrained device (iotlab-m3 IoT-Board), then an IP throughput of about 10 Mbit/s can be achieved. If you add an 802.15.4 radio (e.g., Atmel AT86RF231) to the transmission chain, then performance drops down to about 100 kbit/s, which is somewhat natural.

The conclusion from this: The RIOT GENRC stack is not a bottleneck in the IoT regime, so 'media' transmission should be as good as Layer 2 allows.

Best,   thomas

Dear Thomas,

Thanks for your response.

I am using SAM3X8E (Integrated on the Arduino Due) with TI CC1101+CC1190 radio. By media I mean transfering images of 1MB size. Have you had any previous experience working with this radio under RIOT?

Thank you for your attention,



Hi America,

we already mailed privately. Can you share the code with which you measured the throughput? As Thomas stated, the stack is not the limited resource but most likely the radio + driver (even if CC1101 is not limited to 250kbps on PHY). Probably the cause of the low rate you measured is as well some shell overhead, incorrect measurement setup, unnecessary debug messages, bugs in the state handling of the device, and so on and so on...

Best Peter