Third party snippets

Hi RIOTers,

We have been working in a LoRaMAC layer for RIOT, based on Semtech LoRaMAC.

We only need a fraction of code (just the MAC part 1), so the first approach is to compile only this part and develop some glue code.

We are having some problems with this, because there’s no API and most function are internal, so we are not sure if it’s the best way to proceed.

Are there any RIOT standards to deal with these cases? Should we consider this as a pkg if only a small part is being used?

Thank you.


Hi Jose,

I think this is not the best way to do so. IMHO, you should write your own MAC code using RIOT’s code guidelines, API, stacks and common best practices. Semtech’s code appears in different coding style and implements different approaches in implementation so it wouldn’t fit in RIOT’s code well without full re-writing.


Hi Jose, the "RIOT way" or rather the GNRC way would be to extend (in the object oriented sense) `gnrc_netdev2_t`, similar how `gnrc_netdev2_ieee80215.c` and `gnrc_netdev2_eth.c` already did. Hope I was able to helpful.

Cheers, Martine