Systick on the STM32s

Hi Abhinav,

I put a copy of this mail to the devel-mailing list, so others can use this information as well. Hope thats ok?!

We do not use the Systick-timer for two simple reasons at the moment:

  1. RIOT uses a tick-less scheduling paradigm, which means that we do not have a regular system tick that wakes up the scheduler to see if a new task needs to be scheduled. But this is what the Systick-timer is originally designed for… You can refer to [1] for more information on this.
  2. RIOTs hwtimer needs best to be able to set more than 1 timeout in parallel, so the peripheral timers with more multiple capture/compare channels provide a better base for efficient implementation than the Systick-timer…

But you are certainly ok with using the Systick timer for your specific implementation, there is no reason not to use it…

Best, Hauke