Switch to BSD?

Hello Emmanuel and RIOTers,

In my opinion, what we need is statements from legal departments from companies that are genuinely interested in RIOT technically. Is LGPLv2.1 a show stopper for them, or not? What is the main reason why? This is the key information the community should consider.



Statement of PHYTEC Messtechnik GmbH to LGPL and "Switch to BSD":

We spend an equal amount of time on software development as on hardware development. Phytec contributes to the Linux Kernel. We know the (L)GPL license and work with it every day. Phytec is also founding member of OSADL (Open Source Automation Development Lab).

We want to see RIOT as a "Linux" for small microcontrollers in IoT world. We find the LGPL pass very well with a project like RIOT and support the use of LGPL. As Linux-Kernel, RIOT is a part of an infrastructure and this should remain free and open. With the change to BSD we fear the RIOT will do more harm than good. LGPL binds community and the companies together and ensures that a project will not getting fragmented and falling apart. We do not support the change to BSD and we are sure that RIOT will be more attractive by other measures. Currently we rely on RIOT as first choice, with a change to BSD license we would think it over again.

Best regards Mit freundlichen Grüßen

M.Eng. Johann Fischer

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