Support for Particle Photon & Onion Omega


RIOT runs on Particle Spark, but now they have Particle Photon.

Does RIOT work on Photon.

Also, Onion Omega is another interesting board.

Does RIOT run on this board.

Which board would you recommend that a beginner buy, which is cheap.

I want to interface accelerometer and magnetometer.



Hi tbyy,

I'm not aware of a RIOT port for one of these boards. Porting the Photon shouldn’t be too difficult as it seems pretty similar to the spark and has a CPU of the stm32 family which is well supported in RIOT. So if you have any aims for porting, we'll do our best to support you [1]. But please note that if you're interested in WiFi there might be other gaps as we focus on 802.15.4 radios.

I don't know your concrete requirements but did you check the remote, z1, cc2650stk, phyNODE (in RIOT pba-d-01-kw2x), mulle or limifrog boards? Also some STM boards do have on-board sensors. But before you make your choice, be sure that all drivers you need do exist.

Generally you could use "any" board and make it with cable-connected sensors.


Hi tbyy, Hi all,

regarding the Onion Omega: I personally own 2 of these boards and they run a variant of OpenWRT-Linux by default. They have an ARM-CPU running @400 MHz, 64MB RAM, and 16MB flash + Wifi 802.11 bgn, BT-LE is optional. IMHO this is kind of a big iron to run RIOT on, and why would one do that when it's capable to run _real_ Linux? I think it's closer to a RasPi than to a RIOT board.

Nevertheless the Omega is an interesting platform e.g. to work as boarder router/gateway, as an alternative to the RasPi+Openlabs setup. Maybe we should suggest an 802.15.4 extension to the Omega developers, would be nice having that ...

Best   Sebastian