Support for Microchip MRF24J40 Radio Module

Hi everyone, yesterday I read in the devel-mailinglist (May 2015, Topic: MRF24J40 or SAMR21 (or AT86RF2xx) and FCC Certified Module) that there will be a student who works on a driver for the MRF24J40. What happend here? Is there any progress? Or are there any problem which make it a real problem to support this device? If not, are there any code snippets from that project?

Thank you,

Best regards, Bernhard

Hi, I work on a driver for the MRF24J40. At the moment I don't know any problems to support this device. Until now there is only the low-level implementation. I'm working on the implementation of netdev2 for the MRF24J40.

Greetings Tobias