Suggested new platform for RIOT: calling for volunteers

Hello everyone,

Since RIOT has been adapted to the AVR architecture, there is a chip that--I think--would be a great platform for development and production: the ATmega 256RFR2.

The RFR2 family is presented here: but to sum it up, this MCU has the following advantages: - the well-known, low-power AVR 8-bit architecture - an integrated 802.15.4 transceiver, quite similar to the AT86RF231 - 256 Kb or Flash and, even better, 32 Kb of RAM (a huge amount for an 8-bit MCU!) - a complete set of integrated peripherals: the usual timers, PWM, UART, SPI, I2C, ADC, JTAG... as well as a some less common, very nice features like a true random number generator or a 32-bit symbol counter - it is available in a cheap "starter kit" board that is in itself a simple but functional mote with MCU, antenna socket, temperature sensor, and extension slots (see

As such, it seems to make an ideal platform for future motes, and I think it is bound to be quite successful in the market.

That's why I plan to make an extensive use of this device as soon as possible.

As usual, I will start the port and try to have it up and running as fast as I can, but since I am now in the last year of my PhD, my time schedule is now really tight. Consequently, it will be extremely hard for me to push the porting effort further that the bare minimum (CPU and transceiver). It means that my code probably won't represent a "clean", production-ready port by itself.

Since running RIOT on this platform would benefit everyone in the community, it would be nice if I could receive help in this task; knowing that I will most likely be the first to use it, and as such feedback on the port is guaranteed.

Thanks in advance, and best regards.

Hi Kevin,

"cheap" starter kit is relative, but the MCU sound interesting indeed! Presumably I won't have any time to port, but I'd be happy to help with reviewing :wink:

In case anyone is interested in actually porting this and only held back by the investment, I'm confident a sponsored starter kit can be arranged.

Jolly seasons greetings everyone! Cheers, Ludwig