I have now a working version of 6LowPAN+CoAP on an STM32F3 board- thanks for all the help you have provided in getting me up and running!

Could you please tell me how I can use the STACKTEST feature. Is it possible for me to find out the total usage of the stack during runtime for each thread?



Hi Abhinav,

The stack test feature allows you to determine the maximum stack usage.

The stack is prepared for testing in core/thread.c. The shell's `ps` command (essentially implemented by sys/ps/ps.c) evaluates the stack usage.

In order to be able to measure a threads stack usage, the CREATE_STACKTEST flag has to be used for initialization.

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi Abhinav

Hi Ludwig,

We are just using the I2C bus for the interface. Our main objective was to test the RIOT stack itself and we are still trying to figure out which boards/interface we will use in the future.



Hi Abhinav Thanks for the info. Out of curiosity, you used I2C to connect to what type of network technology? Wired or wireless? I’m asking because other people (including us) might be interested to mimic your setup with STM32F3 for networking :wink: Best, Emmanuel