some build problems with stm32f103

Hi, After several hours playing with RIOT, I can compile and run default example on my STM32F103 board but there are some problems make me confuse.

  • #include “cc110x.h”, line 37 in cc1100.h. I can’t find “cc110x.h” anywhere. Maybe you guys forget to correct this #include after rename the file.
  • #include “cpu.h” #include “lpm.h” #include “crash.h” In thirdparty_cpu/cortex_common/crash.c. I can’t find these file too. I have little confuse about what crash.c is used for ? After I commented those line and TODO-function, the compilation can run and I have an elf file and a hex file.
  • However, elf file and hex file are identical. I must use arm-none-eabi-objcopy to generate the hex file again.

Sorry, I have found “cc110x.h”, “crash.h”. It’s my mistake. :stuck_out_tongue: