Segfault on native OS X

Hi there,

I’ve got some problems building RIOT on native OS X (10.9 here, using github master).

Any project I build and run (including native) returns with a segmentation fault. It looks like this:

./default.elf tap0 RIOT native interrupts/signals initialized. RIOT native uart0 initialized. LED_GREEN_OFF LED_RED_ON RIOT native board initialized. RIOT native hardware initialization complete.

kernel_init(): This is RIOT! Scheduler…[OK] kernel_init(): jumping into first task… [1] 87362 segmentation fault ./default.elf tap0

Does anyone have an idea what I may be doing wrong?

(Yes, I did use, but that doesn’t make any difference / it even fails with non-network targets)

Thanks a lot, Finn

Hi Finn,

there is a high probability the only thing you're doing wrong is using OSX :wink:

I did not test any recent commits on OSX, I'll check it at the end of the week.

For now just use Linux to host native RIOT, the tap support in OSX is pretty useless anyways.

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi guys, In the mean time, I suppose no one needs to suggest Linux on a VM :wink: Cheers Emmanuel