Sample applications

Dear Rioters,

I started to use riot-os a few weeks ago now and I'd like to tell you that your project is totally awesome and quite well documented.

I first began to write some sample applications with in mind the idea of providing some easy to use/understand starter tutorials showing the possibilities offered by riot-os (UART, GPIO, NET, etc). I tried to have the examples as much documented as possible (but we all know that this can always be improved). The code is already available on GitHub [1]. By the way I noticed that you already have a repo targeting the same idea [2].

What do you think of merging both or maybe create another repository called "riot-tutorials" where "aabadie/riot-apps" could be moved ? Are you interested in such a contribution ?



[1] [2]


Based on a quick scan this looks very good indeed and think we should incorporate it into the RIOT project space. Not sure where exactly though.

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi there, I think it would be great to have a RIOT tutorial space somewhere. Two comments:- Cenk also had some input on that at

  • maybe some stuff from Alex (e.g. his upcoming Bluetooth+802.15.4 border router) could belong into applications or even examples? Cheers Emmanuel