Hello Ichrak,

Thanks for the feedback! I will try to look into this matter, I am currently at work though.

Yesterday I tested the RPL-UDP example on native and on two msba2s and I did not see any error. Unfortunately, I have no IoT-LAB hardware to do a specific test on those ones. Maybe someone @University can have a look at it, too. I will be at the university tomorrow and hopefully I can find some IoT-LABs there.

  • Could you provide me with a backtrace of your crashing nodes?
  • are you using the storing or nonstoring mode?
  • do you specify the routing entries size explicitly at compile time?

Best, Cenk

Hi Cenk,

I don’t know of you can run tests via the IoT-LAB portal, I used the serial_aggregator (https://www.iot-lab.info/tutorials/nodes-serial-link-aggregation/) in frontend to access serial traffic of M3 nodes, or simply netcat port=20000. (I have just shared the tutorial link)

  • at some nodes, after the ‘init n’, (and the ‘init r’ at the root), these nodes do not respond to any command:
m3-3;dodag (--> nothing)

For another node which cannot join the dodag:

Hi Cenk,

I don't know of you can run tests via the IoT-LAB portal,

Note: IoT-LAB is an open testbed, so anyone can subscribe and run tests on this platform :wink:



I used the serial_aggregator (