RIOT, Windows, and Code Composer Studio

I am intersted in developing with RIOT for a few different TI targets and have Code Composer Studio installed on Windoze 8.1 which I have used for several projects. Since CCS already has all the tool chains and debugger interfaces, it seems like it would make sense to use it for these projects as well.

Is there any hope of making such a configuration work? Is there any guidance available? I have read the howto on using Eclipse and found the information lacking and, at times, incomprehensible (what is a “speaking Variable Name”, anyways).

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Nothing? Really?

Hi Clark,

I am not aware of anyone using CCS. In my perception most of us are Linux based and don't even use Eclipse.

Cheers, Ludwig

Hi Clark!

I’m not using CCS but Eclipse, although I use it only for editing code, it is possible to use it for compiling, flashing and debugging (in experimental phase).

As for today, we don’t have a very complete guide on how to do it in RIOT, but there is a guide[1] for Contiki, which can be extended to RIOT. The guide assumes the use of GCC for compiling…

Anyone knows if we can support other compilers? IMO it’s a matter of changing the prefixes of the compiler in the Makefile, but maybe some flags can differ…

I hope it helps.



Hi there

I don’t know how complete and up to date that is but there is also:,-Howto

Cheers Emmanuel

Caeveat: coma at the end url may mess up your automatic URL detection thingie:,-Howto

Hi Clark,

What CCS version are you using?

In the past there was problems integrating the RIOT build system with CCS.

I have just successfully tested a RIOT environment on windows with the latest (6.1.3).

It is not difficult to setup a build configuration pointing to the RIOT makefile.

Good tweakings


I am also using the newest version. I’m sure it’s probably not difficult, it’s just that makefiles are new to me…

I don’t suppose you want to share details?

Hi Clark,

I attach an image that gives some more details, basically you have to import RIOT as a ccs project (choose GNU compiler version), then configure the CCS build page with the build command:


see the screenshot for some other details.

I don’t know the details of your project, the compiler you use, ecc ecc, but I hope this may help you to go in the right direction.



Hello Clark,

I’m happily building/flashing/debugging riot with windows CCS. At the moment have working only some older riot code base build by TI compiler. Have it working with newlib and 20 bits support as well. The problem is that is ugly, since TI compiler does not support naked functions and have to move SP manually at few places. Nevertheless I have 6lowpan host - atmel RF233 attached to msp430f2618 with coap server on top working with RPI2 on other side .

The plan is to move to GNU compiler and make official 20bits/newlib support. At the mo have msp-exp430f5529lp on my table - that could be nice kit for the official port.

I’m not aware of any documents how to build riot with CCS (was not searching that hard) but in general I just took core files one by one and defined few macros to make it happy. After had the core working just added networking and radio driver.



Hello Malo,

Hello Malo, I gather that you are building this as a CCS project rather than an “external makefile project”? I would prefer to build it using the “standard” make system so that it fits with the general scheme of things.

So far, I’m having no luck figuring this out. All I get at this point is 'Error: Program “make” not found in PATH". Maybe I’d have better luck with Contiki since it is “officially” supported by TI. Though there’s not much eveidence to support that…

I’m stuck and need to make progress.

Hey Clark, that sounds something like the path to your make installation isn't set in the environment variable PATH. I know from the past, that you can set them somewhere in the system config, but I haven't used Windows in years and when I did I had it in German, so don't ask me were exactly (in WinXP you did it like this [1], just add the path to make to the semicolon-seperated list of the variable PATH [or create it, if it doesn't exist]). But maybe this hint is enough to give you some context for a web search to get some more current information.

Cheers, Martine


Martine, Yup. That’s what it sounds like. I have to wonder why, since CCS gives as options for toolchain the following: Cross GCC, Microsoft Visual C++, MinGW GCC, and TI Build Tools. You would think they would been in the path already. If I choose MinGW GCC, I don’t have the option to use external makefiles. That seems a bit odd, too. Another issue I am trying to figure out is how to configure the workspace/project such that CCS doesn’t polute RIOT directory. It asks where to find the external code and then places the ‘.cproject’ file in that folder. This is way more of a pain-in-the-ass than it needs to be, but that seems to be the open source/gnu way. “Let’s see how ridiculously entangled and obfuscated we can make this”…