RIOT vs SparkCore

Dear RIOTers, I have a spark core and I want to put RIOT on it. I put the sc in DFU mode and I tried to load the hello-world example with the command

make BOARD=spark-core clean all flash

It compiled but it returned the following line:

RIOT/dist/tools/openocd/ -d 1d50:607f -a 0 -s 0x08005000:leave -D “{bla-bla-bla}/hello-world/bin/spark-core/hello-world.hex” Usage: RIOT/dist/tools/openocd/ {flash|debug|debug-server|reset} [extra OpenOCD initialization arguments]

so I forced the loading with the command

dfu-util -d 1d50:607f -a 0 -s 0x08005000:leave -D “{bla-bla-bla}/hello-world/bin/spark-core/hello-world.hex”

it seemed to work and the node was resetted. I tried to connect with the node via make term but it didn’t work. Nothing was blinking. I also added some macros (LED0_ON) for leds but nothing was working.

How can I proceed? Which is the support of RIOT for SparkCore?


Mattia Antonini