RIOT-Os support for ESP8266

Hi, I’m sorry, but I’m really no expert regarding porting of boards. It is propably best to refer to the (hopefully not so outdated) porting guide [1], but I’m forwarding your message to the devel mailinglist, so people that have a better idea of it can read it. Regarding posting to a RIOT mailing list: just write an E-Mail to as I did with this mail and it will be posted to the mailing list. For subscribing go to [2] and enter the necessary information in the “Subscribe” section.

Hope I could help, Martine

[1] [2]

Hi Martine,

My understanding is that there is a C SDK for the ESP8266 and you could easily* port RIOT onto the ESP8266.

You might be layering ontop of what’s there already just like what’s being done on Linux but it would be satisfactory I think for a lot of people.

Just my 2c



I like the idea, it was still on my bucked-list so if you need any help on the port don’t hesitate to contact.

Kind regards, Nick v. IJzendoorn