RIOT <-> mac80211

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to keep up on all the recent network stack work but while working on a WSN project that’s currently Linux based project I got to wondering about the feasibility of 802.11 support in RIOT. I know it’s been talked about in the past. Driver and MAC SUPPORT are obviously big hurdles. What are the chances that Linux’s mac80211 and related pieces could be adapted to run on the new network stack?

I’m not all that familiar with Linux’s wireless subsystem; softmac may be a bit of a memory hog but devices, even WSN devices are becoming and will continue to be more and more capable in the future. If softmac is beyond the scope of sanity in a RIOT context maybe fullmac devices and their drivers could be used.



I forgot to mention, these days most wifi devices are softmac based. Examples of fullmac drivers are Atheros’ AR600x (ath6kl), and Marvel’s libertas USB and SDIO devices.

I think such a device is more appropriate for IoT and RIOT:

Cortex-m4 + wifi in one package.

You can run this device with TI firmware as a SPI slave or you could port RIOT to the MCU (and write all the drivers).

Best Christian