Removing thirdparty repositories

Dear rousing IoTlers,

since we don't need the thirdparty repositories for CPUs and boards any more for quite some time, I think we should finally remove them. Any objections? Can anyone with some experience with the Cortex ports take a look at the PRs in these repos that are still open and see if they contain anything useful that might be applied to the current implementation in RIOT master?

Cheers, Oleg

I haven't looked too closely, but I think at least the ideas put forward in are useful. The PRs are old so they probably won't work on the current master but the LPM stuff is interesting. On the thirdparty_boards repo I didn't find anything interesting.

Best regards, Joakim Gebart


no objections from my side but I agree with @gabart that the LPM stuff might be interesting. Maybe Fabian Nack (@fnack) can tell whether something can be taken out of this PR?

Best, Peter


I think it's fine to close the repo. As for the PR's, the sleep mode one is the only one containing an interesting feature. This we have already partly implemented (lpm states, RTC). Also the implementation in that PR does not fit into our architecture, so it would have to be hard refactored anyhow... In the end, I am not really sure how much functionality is in that PR that we have not already merged into master...

Cheers, Hauke


Okay, I removed it from the organization on Github. To be on the safe side I just moved it to my personal repos.

Cheers, Oleg