Release plan

Hi RIOT-ers,

I have no intention to be a jerk or anything, just wondering if you would manage the release on the 18th, or do you think you'd push back the release date again?

I just need a rough estimate for our internal planning. I find RIOT to be of such a high quality, we'd really like to use it in our research and potentially product development. Since you guys seemed "really close" to having a major release, which I understood implies quite a lot of changes, I'm looking forward for this version to be used as the stable baseline for our development.

Best regards, Eriza

Hi Eriza,

great to hear about you and your company’s plans!

Concerning the (imminent) RIOT release, most of the changes for the next release are already in the master. The main things missing until the release: merging and testing PRs #3525, #3615, #3716 and an upcoming PR for cc2420 support.

Bottom line: while we cannot guarantee the 18th exactly, the release is very close at hand (matter of days), and one can already have a good idea of what it will be.

Looking forward to more interaction with you guys,



Thanks for the info!

Best regards, Eriza