Release 2019.07 - dates and feature requests

Dear RIOTers,

The release dates for the upcoming release cycle are fixed as follows:

- 28.06.2019 - soft feature freeze, for high impact features

- 08.07.2019 - hard feature freeze, for all features

- 31.07.2019 - Release date

Could you please send your suggestions for features which you would like to see merged during this release cycle.

Best regards, and happy hacking!

Kevin Weiss

Hi all!

My grain of salt:

For high impact features:

PR #11085 (Serial console over USB) & PR #11077 (USB CDC ECM support)

Those two combined with something like the SAM-BA bootloader (Arduino SAMD bootloader compatible with BOSSA) would allow us to make easy-upgradeable one-chip border-router USB dongles based on the ATSAMR21. USB CDC ECM essentially could remove the need for ethos.

Regards, Mario.


big +1! Getting the USB+Ethernet slave mode to work would be a major milestone towards simple to deploy border routers and such.

So ~4 more weeks seems doable, right?!

Cheers, Hauke

Hi all, #11077 and #11085 could be in the incoming release but it will require to have #11075 and #10916 merged first. Hopefully, #11075 should be pretty straightforward and #10916 (which introduces the stack) is in the final review state. Any help with the review and/or test process will be highly appreciated ! Cheers,


USB support would be a major milestone for RIOT. It would be awesome to have it in the next release.

I would like to see the following things in the next release:

  • LwM2M support, see [1]

  • Support for WolfSSL (provides secure sockets, DTLS, etc), see [2]

I think both are already in a good shape, just missing reviews and testing.





I would personally like to manage to get the migration to FLASHFILE finally finished (I only have the tracking PR currently, so it's my fault if it did not move) and the fix for flashers on the board I use for testing the release as I currently use them for testing anyway. I could need help for that last one if you have examples that put any of the mentioned boards in a no more flashable state with RIOT.

Cheers, Gaëtan


I would like to manage to get GNRC LoRaWAN [1] merged into master. The PR is in good shape and only needs some testing/review.

With this into master, I would like to move forward into a common API for all LoRaWAN implementations in RIOT (and of course, add more interesting features to the stack).

Cheers, José



would also be nice to add IPv6 fragmentation [1] and reassembly [2]. I think the feature will be finished today for the most part (only tests for fragmentation are missing). However, 6LoWPAN NHC adaption for extension headers (on which IPv6 fragmentation is based on) is still missing. This isn’t a blocker, 6Lo packets won’t just not be compressed starting with the extension headers, though.

Cheers, Martine

[1] [2]