Regarding qemu emulation of ESP8266 elf executables

Hi all,

I am currently developing IoT attack scenarios based on Chen’s work (Chen, K., Zhang, S., Li, Z., Zhang, Y., Deng, Q., Ray, S., & Jin, Y. (2018). Internet-of-Things Security and Vulnerabilities: Taxonomy, Challenges, and Practice. Journal of Hardware and Systems Security, 2(2), 97–110.). I read the documentation page at that describes how generating an elf for the ESP8266 could be run on qemu, however, I was not successful in doing so.

My doubts are how is this elf being generated, could it be adapted from Arduino-IDE build process, and if so where should changes be made? If there is anybody that can help me with this, or successfully managed to emulate any of these elfs, please let me know.

Kind regards, Jean Fobe

When you build your appliction just go in to your appdirectory you will see a folder named esp88266-esp-12x is created. Then go into this folder you will see your elf file.

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