Quick I2C Test Suite Update

Hello all,

Just to update everyone on the I2C HiL status; I have something working but not perfect, still trying to cleanup and find/fix bugs here and there but it is better than nothing. I will write a wiki page regarding the setup so anyone should be able to reproduce. Hopefully it should be available at the end of the week. See below for all relevant information already available.


The test result from a old commit with fixes I implemented, this was meant to show what the test results look like and allow people to see what kind of test was run, this apparently missed a critical bug which was caught by testing on a driver and later fixed

https://github.com/MrKevinWeiss/RIOT/tree/test/autoi2ctest This is a branch that I used with all the interfaces and periph_i2c tests working, if you have the hardware you should be able to run the test on a samr21 and BPT yourself, however this was mainly for @smlng to just look at and give feedback on how to implement the interfaces correctly

Currently where I am developing the BPT firmware, there should be a binary available under the bluepill_tester->QualifiedFirmware, it still isn't perfect but it can and has been used to catch potential bugs This is the PR for the new periph_i2c firmware, previously it was run manually now I intend to use it to run automated tests Here is an interface to the periph_i2c test, feedback is welcome but it does seem to work Here is a test that just tests against the BPT using the periph_i2c test shell, it is bad but I needed something quick

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