Query: Inter-Operability of RIOT and ZigBee/IP

Hello everyone,

Has anybody got a chance to work with RIOT and ZigBee/IP ? Since, ZigBee/IP is mesh networking solution and supports 6LoWPAN header compression, IPv6, RPL routing, TCP/UDP transport protocols and PANA/EAP/EAP-TLS/TLS security, I guess it should work out of the box with RIOT powered boards and radio. Correct ?

How is low-power radio mechanism in RIOT implemented ? From some of the conversation in the mailing list that I had been following, it seems we implement sleeping mechanism. If someone can point me to a link detailing the work that will be great.

Now, ZigBee/IP also implements low power consumption by letting the devices sleep for the Host. Does the difference in the mechanism should affect the inter-operability ?

Meanwhile, saw the recent changes in the Makefiles for the common code. Very Neat…Liked it. :slight_smile:

Thanks and Regards, Rakendra Thapa