PostDoc Orange's job opportunity in Rennes


We are looking for a PhD candidate to apply to a postdoctoral research in Orange Lab (box & embedded software) in Rennes.
A paid good opportunity to study and contribute to subjects like "bootloader", "over-The air update" and "security" in MCU devices, with as a backend a linux local device (serverless box).
The RIOT opensource OS is a very good candidate for building the base of such prototype on this subject.

If you're interested, you can apply to this Postdoc position here : [](
   [FR] "Conception d’un mécanisme de boot et de mise à jour générique pour des objets connectés intégrés dans une chaîne de confiance"
   [EN] "Design of a boot mechanism and generic update mechanism for connected objects integrated in a trust chain"

Best Regards

Eric Bouvet
Orange Lab Services
Tel. +33648963711