possible platform

Based on the specs/requirements on the riot website, the board I have is right near the edge of support. I'd like to know what you guys think. Would I--with some adapting of the code for the ATmega and the radio chip--be able to run a 6LoWPAN / RPL / UDP stack on a Freakduino 900 MHz LR ( ATmega328P 32K flash, 2K RAM, AT86RF212 )?

The applications for this would be a simple relay node or (at most) routing UDP packets (small enough that fragmentation isn't necessary) via the serial port.



Hi Dean,

Sorry, with 2k, you will not be able to run a network stack using RIOT. An application using a network stack with RPL will need a board with about 16k of RAM. When you search the mailing list archives (devel@ is likelier) you will find several discussions of this topic with more detail and background.

Cheers, Ludwig