Port RIOT to Different Environments (IDE)

Hi All,

Is there any objection about porting RIOT to different build environments; e.g. IDE.


PsoC’s are different than the other IC’s. PsoC’s have programmable digital and analog HW block. So, developer can create own custom IC.

After HW creation, specific firmware(application) can be developed.

This is important because sensor side of IoT can be managed more efficient than classical MCU’s. For example; get data from sensor, process it in custom hw block which designed for this purpose and give processed data to Firmware by a register. Processing on HW will not effect to Core CPU(ARM Cortex) execution time.

But PsoC development are very strongly dependent to PsoC Creator IDE. You can only develop digital and analog hw blocks via PsoC Creator IDE.

This IDE merges HEX output of Firmware(Application) code and HW Creation code (Verilog) and creates a different HEX file. This process is complex and it is internal for Cypress. I dont think PsoC Creator Team gives those details to me.

So, I think we can craete a PsoC Creator Project and we can add RIOT to PSOC Creator project with required porting modules for PsoCs.

In this way, PsoC creator developer can use RIOT and developers can also create own HW blocks to use in own applications with RIOT.

Otherwise, all advantages of PsoCs will not be available for developers.

Solution hierarchy can be like as below :


Developer may use different advantages on IDE. For example; step by step debugging on IDE.

Developers will only open PsoC Creator project to use RIOT on PsoCs an they will not use default build environment of RIOT.

I have almost finished to port RIOT according to above strategy.

If there is no objection to port RIOT to PsoC Creator IDE, I will submit my codes to GIT repository.

But I did not make a decision about where shall I locate psoc creator project in RIOT repository hieararcy (In my implementation it is located at out of RIOT directory)



SW Engineer at Cypress Semi.

Hi Murat,

If I understand correctly what you are doing, there is nothing in principal that speaks against this. Just open a PR so we can see how it fits.

Regarding RIOT's file hierarchy, I would put it in `/dist/`, either in a subdirectory if it is more than one file, or directly if it is a single file.

Cheers, Ludwig