OpenOCD + STM32F4

Hi all,

I try to use OpenOCD after reading :

The 'flash banks' command works fine:

flash banks

#0 : stm32f4x.flash (stm32f2x) at 0x08000000, size 0x00100000, buswidth 0, chipwidth 0

but 'flash write' returns an error :

flash write_image erase unlock /home/pierre/developpement/OW/IOT/RIOT/tests/led_blink/bin/stm32f4discovery/led_blink.hex 0x08000000

auto erase enabled auto unlock enabled no flash bank found for address 10000000 <-- ?? no flash bank found for address 10003370 <-- ??

A simple 'make BOARD=stm32... flash' works fine.

Any idea?


I think your offset is wrong. The hex file should contain addressing information and the linker script is configured to place .text and .data at 0x8000000. Try it with flash write_image erase unlock /home/pierre/developpement/OW/IOT/RIOT/tests/led_blink/bin/stm32f4discovery/led_blink.hex 0 instead.

Best regards, Joakim Gebart Managing Director Eistec AB

That's right.

Thx a lot !

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So the following doc needs to be updated:

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Hi Pierre, conveniently, this is a wiki, so please, don’t hesitate to update it indeed! Best, Emmanuel


Does anybody work on POSIX "time" API (timer_create, timer_settime, clock_gettime...) ?


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