nRF52840 BLE and RIOT OS


Currently I am working on nRF52840 PDK board. In which I want to use BLE services using RIOT OS. But unfortunately very less information available on internet as well on RIOT and Nordic website. So, please can you provide me some information to use BLE of nRF52840 and RIOT OS.

I found only following example as on RIOT wiki.

But the given example is not available in RIOT example folder (microcoap-example).

Also please let me know how to use given nordic_softdevice_ble_package (in RIOT OS directory) with nRF52840. As readme file says it only supports for nRF51 and nRF52832. So, Can I use that package for nRF52840? What modifications will require?

Best Regards,

Ajinkya Shinde