Notification: Biweekly virtual meeting @ Wed Oct 19, 2016 2pm - 3pm (RIOT Events)

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Biweekly virtual meetingDeveloper discussions that will only happen if a proposed agenda exists. Some instructions and a link to the agenda can be found in the RIOT wiki ( Remote participation will be provided.

When Wed Oct 19, 2016 2pm – 3pm Berlin

Calendar RIOT Events


Ludwig Ortmann - creator

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I prepared an agenda at [1]. If anyone likes to add to that, please feel free. Apart from that (see first agenda item) I like to propose to move from PlaceCam to Mumble. Apart from some setup problems (which can easily be documented in the Wiki) my experience with Mumble was much more positive than with PlaceCam. Let’s discuss this tomorrow!

Cheers, Martine


Hi, for this session we will still use PlaceCam at the usual link [1]. If this is your first time, please follow the instructions at [2].

[1] [2]

Hi, due to the usual problems we changed over to Mumble [1] now. Please join us at

Server: Port: 64738 PW: riot

Sorry and cheers, Martine


Hi, find attached the cleaned up version of the minutes of the meeting. You can find it also in the Wiki [1]. The live notes can be found in the previously linked etherpad [2].

Cheers, Martine