Newbie to RIOT

Hi,        I'm prudhvee from India. I'm interested in working on RIOT. I do not have any prior knowledge in working with RIOT, but I'm good at OS concepts,Network Concepts, Unix Programming and a novice programmer in Kernel. As of now, I installed RIOT in my UBUNTU14.04 and completed my first project. I'm interested in working on the any of the projects "Project S1: Supporting RIOT in ns3", "Project N1: Support for Bluetooth Low Energy aka Bluetooth Smart", "Project N2: Implementation of LwM2M". I may not be good at them now as I'm a newbie to the contribution, but I have a willing heart to work and I work with my full dedication.

      I need some guidance on how to start working towards this projects, any beginner-friendly bugs on these projects, any documentation I have to study fro these projects.

     Thank you,      Prudhvee