New routing protocols available

Dear RIOT users,

thanks to the great work of Lotte and Fabian, I'm happy to announce that as from today you have more options for choosing a routing protocol in RIOT.

Lotte implemented the first public reference implementation of AODVv2, which got merged today as It implements which is the designated successor of the well-known AODV protocol (RFC 3561).

Fabian implemented the non-storing mode for RPL (RFC 6550) which got merged as today. Thanks to his efforts RIOT now supports the two main operating modes of RPL.

I'd like to thank both of you as well as everyone else who helped to make this happen.

Happy testing of these two new routing options!

Cheers, Oleg

Definitely +1. Congrats to Lotte and Fabian!

Cheers   matthias

Great news! Cheers Emmanuel

Hi again,

  just for the record, the pull request for the RPL non-storing mode is 1404 and not 1440, so check

Cheers   matthias