New platform(s)

Hello everyone,

I allowed myself to add Zolertia Z1 to the list of future hardware platforms in RIOT wiki, since I am now actively working on porting RIOT on this device.

This little thing is described here:

To summarize, it's--from an architectural point of view--the infamous TelosB on steroids: same CC2420 radio transceiver, a MSP430 MCU (but more powerful, F2617 instead of TelosB F1611), accelerometer, temp sensor, and USB port built-in, and an optional JTAG port that *do* follow the 14-pin standard of TI's debugger (instead of the f****d up set of holes that you have on TelosB).

It's already used in production (i.e.: industrially) on other, less-than-optimal OSes. I think it's time to ease the pain of the poor souls that use these systems, and offer them the ability to use the best OS of the moment. :wink:

Hopefully, that should be done quite soon now.

Hi Kévin, thanks! This is awesome news :wink: Cheers Emmanuel