netdev2 - some hints about the relationships between the 6lowpan protocol

Hello everyone, I tried to reproduce the work witch was done in the PR 4646 (implementation of a netdev2 driver). So far I build a structure of directories and files as mentioned in this PR. But when I try to compile this I got the following message:

"make" -C /c/Users/...../RIOT/sys/net/gnrc/link_layer/netdev2 c:/Users/....../RIOT/sys/net/gnrc/link_layer/netdev2/gnrc_netdev2_eth.c: In function '_recv': c:/Users/....../RIOT/sys/net/gnrc/link_layer/netdev2/gnrc_netdev2_eth.c:31:26: error: too few arguments to function 'dev->driver->recv'       int bytes_expected = dev->driver->recv(dev, NULL, 0);                            ^ I think there is a missing statement regarding dependancies that the ethernet-file is involked in the build process. Can anyone reproduce this behaviour?

Best regards, Bernhard

Hi Bernhard, there was an update to the netdev2 API [1]. Please rebase and adapt your driver accordingly (4646 is adapted too already).

Best, Martine