Neighbor solicitations (NS) from border router (6lo ND)

Hi developers, When using the shell on the gnrc_border_router application trying to send to an unknown address with its designated prefix, the application does not send any neighbor solicitations on the wireless network. When I type ping6 2001:db8::1234 I expected that a neighbor solicitation query to go out on the interface that has been configured with the routing destination for 2001:db8::/64, but wireshark shows that nothing is sent on the wireless, but instead the ICMPv6 packet is sent immediately over the slip/ethos interface, which is configured as the default route.

Is this behavior correct or is this a routing bug?



Iface 6 HWaddr: 02:DA:F1:03:BC:48           MTU:1500 HL:64 RTR           RTR_ADV Source address length: 6           Link type: wired           inet6 addr: fe80::da:f1ff:fe03:bc48 scope: local TNT[1]           inet6 addr: fe80::2 scope: local VAL           inet6 group: ff02::2           inet6 group: ff02::1           inet6 group: ff02::1:ff03:bc48           inet6 group: ff02::1:ff00:2

Iface 7 Channel: 26 Page: 0 NID: 0x23           Long HWaddr: 23:31:53:29:36:B7:6E:5A            TX-Power: 0dBm State: IDLE max. Retrans.: 3 CSMA Retries: 4           ACK_REQ CSMA MTU:1280 HL:64 RTR           RTR_ADV IPHC           Source address length: 8           Link type: wireless           inet6 addr: fe80::2131:5329:36b7:6e5a scope: local VAL           inet6 addr: 2001:db8::2131:5329:36b7:6e5a scope: global VAL           inet6 group: ff02::2           inet6 group: ff02::1           inet6 group: ff02::1:ffb7:6e5a routing:

nib route

2001:db8::/64 dev #7 default* via fe80::1 dev #6

Best regards, Joakim