Need help in running Xbee with Arduino Due

Hi Riot Users,

I need small help in running Xbee over Arduino due with RIOT. I tried the test program which is located in RIOT/tests/driver_xbee with the Makefile having XBEE_UART ?= “1”.

I assume that with the above changes Xbee will be running over pin 10 and 11 of Arduino due(which is USART port) as per below configuration mentioned in RIOT/boards/arduino-due/include/periph_conf.h

static const uart_conf_t uart_config = { /* device, rx port, tx port, rx pin, tx pin, mux, PMC bit, IRGn line */ {(Uart *)UART, PIOA, PIOA, 8, 9, GPIO_MUX_A, ID_UART, UART_IRQn}, {(Uart *)USART0, PIOA, PIOA, 10, 11, GPIO_MUX_A, ID_USART0, USART0_IRQn}, {(Uart *)USART1, PIOA, PIOA, 12, 13, GPIO_MUX_A, ID_USART1, USART1_IRQn}, {(Uart *)USART3, PIOD, PIOD, 4, 5, GPIO_MUX_B, ID_USART3, USART3_IRQn} };

I connected Xbee explorers DIN and DOUT pins accordingly to pin number 10 and 11 of arduino… I also connected 3.3 V pins and gnd pins. I uploaded Xbee driver test code but it was not working. Initially Xbee init function was failing while trying to set the address of Xbee. Please let me know do i need to do anything to run Xbee in Arduino due. its quite urgent and your quick help is appreciated.

My end goal is to run gnrc_networking / gnrc_border_router with Xbee

Thanks and Regards,


Hej Parul,

I don’t know the xbee shiel you are using, but with the ones I have tried, I needed to connect the 5V of the shield to the Arduinos 5V to get it to work…

Cheers, Hauke