native target, adc and encx24j600


I have a small application that uses gcoap as server, which I'd like to debug the network traffic with BOARD=native. Currently it fails to compile because of periph/adc and likely will fail also because of encxj600.

How to modify the program so that it compiles to BOARD=native and BOARD=nucleo-f401 using proper hardware on the nucleo-f401 and something fake on native? I'm not worried about what the native-adc reads.

- t

Hi Temmu,

actually, there is no periph_adc implementation on native. But if you don’t care about the return value, a simple mock-up should be easily ported. Just adapt the periph_conf.h of native accordingly and add the implementation to cpu/native/periph/adc.c. For the encxj600 problem: just use netdev_tap instead. It’s also a (virtual) Ethernet device and can communicate with other native instances and the host system via TAP.

Cheers, Martine