LoRa support

Hi people.

We are beginning a new project at INRIA Chile and we will use LoRa for communications. We would like to port the Semtech LoRaMAC 1 to RIOT and add support for the SX127X devices (like SX1272 in 2).

Our approach is to port the LoRaMAC as a pkg on top of netrdev2, and add the proper glue-code. The LoRaMAC includes the SX1272 and SX1276 driver 3 too, so we were thinking in adding the netdev2 adoption for this in the same pkg.

What do you think about this apporach? Are there any people who are working with LoRa in RIOT (or planning to)? Maybe we can merge efforts.

As always, collaborations are always welcome! Best regards.



I have sx1276 driver done and will do a pull request with it asap. Then we can implement netdev interface on top of it and then do a LoRaMAC stack on top of all that together!

A follow-up to my previous letter:

I’ve created a pull-request with driver code: https://github.com/RIOT-OS/RIOT/pull/6002