Looking for RIOT consultants/contractors

Hello RIOTers,

I work for a small business that does remote temperature monitoring for food safety (https://freshtemp.com) and we’re strongly considering RIOT for the next version of our system.

I wrote a small microkernel that is used in some of our other products and so am familiar with OS and embedded programming on Atmel AVRs, but I am not familiar with RIOT.

We’re looking for a contractor or consultant that can answer my many questions about RIOT and assist us in getting up to TCP/UDP-level communication with the stack described below. We are looking for someone fairly familiar with RIOT already, and we expect to use 15 hours to 50 hours of this person’s time. The time will depend on what amount of RIOT modifications are necessary for our platform, and what problems we run into.

Our stack:

  • Sensors
  • Undecided MCU but probably ARM Cortex M0 or M0+
  • ATZB-RF-212B-0-CN RF module operating on 900 MHz using the AT86RF212B transceiver
  • Requires high-ish accuracy timekeeping with external crystal
  • Requires access to ADC for temperature measurement
  • Battery powered and thus power sensitive - need to be able to use low power states of MCU
  • Gateway
  • Linux SOM (probably Variscite) with Cortex A9
  • ATZB-RF-212B-0-CN RF module operating on 900 MHz using the AT86RF212B transceiver
  • Wireless
  • Star topology
  • 6lowpan on 802.15.4 on 900 MHz, chosen because of compatibility with linux. If another layer on top of 15.4 would result in better power numbers, that would be valuable info to have
  • Hopefully able to utilize 15.4’s Guaranteed Time Slices (GTS) to reduce power consumption

Experience with the linux side of this communication system would be very nice, but not necessary.

So are you interested in getting paid to work on RIOT? Send me an email at craig [at] freshtemp.com off list and provide some credentials and why we should work with you.

Thank you!

Craig Younkins FreshTemp.com CTO