linker error

Hello Ludwig,

Did you ‘make clean’ before? yes i did

*Can you build RIOT/examples/hello-world? no, i get the same error*

*Which toolchain are you using?* codeSourcery on windows 7


<i>Hello Albert,

I cannot reproduce the error you encountered.

Did you 'make clean' before? 
Can you build RIOT/examples/hello-world?
Which toolchain are you using?</i>

*Cheers, Ludwig*

Hi Albert (and dear Windows users),

(If you are using Windows and you can build RIOT: please let us know.)

I am not sure if any of the current RIOT users are using Windows, so maybe the support is just broken right now. Our CI server does not check the Windows support yet.

If you figure out what’s wrong, please let us know.

Cheers, Ludwig