Linker error when trying to include stm32cube HAL

Hi! I’m a new RIOT user, I have been programming MCU in C for several years in Windows under a full IDE environment. This is my first time not only with RIOT but with managing Makefiles myself instead of letting the IDE do all the work. I managed to get RIOT compiled on my Windows machine with MinGW. I was able to add my custom app and being able to compile it (a single main.c file).

I’m facing a problem now that I can’t solve, I have been struggling with it in the last few days. I have generated some code with the STM32Cube. It just generates all the code to be able to interact with STM32 peripherals. I added the “INCLUDES +=” to my Makefile to be able to include the header files but I’m having problems on the linking stage I think.

I’m getting this error when compiling:, about the HAL functions the linker couldn’t find. Here you can download my entire RIOT project My application is on RIOT/cansat. I created a “config” folder with a .h and .c file and they are being linked correctly, I don’t know why the RIOT/cansat/stm32cube folder is having problems.

Any help will be really appreciated! Thank you very much! :slight_smile: