IoT technology survey

Hi everyone,

our friends from Eclipse Foundation are conducting a survey about IoT technologies currently in use or aimed at in various contexts. Maybe you can consider filling it in (and maybe the results will be of some interest).




so, here are (if I see this correctly) are the results

I'm a bit puzzled about the 11.2 % considering php an IoT programming language (and apparently using it) - on the other hand there are 73 % who consider Linux an IoT operating system. Anyway, maybe it's worthwhile for somebody to read it during hers/his lunch break.

Best, Michael

Hi Michael, Yes, the results are somewhat puzzling. Maybe the people who answered the survey were probably of the “rasberryPi=IoT” type, which might explain some results. With this in mind, there is probably something to get out of the results. Best, Emmanuel


Yeah I was looking at the results and it appears that the concept of IoT is somehow different for the people answering the survey.

The french government announced too a survey (sorry, is in french), on which we can maybe compare the results (available on the second quarter of May) to see how they complement each other. This survey is more focused on the applications and the industrial needs to build a good IoT infrastructure. You can find the link below.


Hi Michael, hi Emmanuel,

IMHO its not a really surprising outcome. We (especially me) just have a very restricted, not saying stubborn, impression that IoT is only == “some kind of sensor/actuator network driven by small microcontrollers”. But the buzzword IoT is commonly considered everything not being a classic computer and connected with the internet, preferably but not necessarily over some wireless connection. So a smartphone, tablet, a fritzbox with a webserver, heating system steerable/configurable with an App over wifi, fringe that spams me with tweets to buy milk … fits this buzzword. And in the named cases the devices often use some sort of linux providing a web-service for login/configure stuff.

Best regards, Martin


No surprise here, in today's reality the Internet in IoT "obviously" means some cloud service which is coupled to the thing. As such, cloud services will represent the average of today's web development efforts.

Cheers, Ludwig


surveys on IoT seem to be en vogue nowadays, here [1] is a OMA IoT open source survey which's results could also be interesting.

Best, Thomas