Improve Documentation

Hello all,

as we are working on the PR to bring the Jiminy board to mainline repo I had some problems to find where what is, or should be.

So I had the idea that a graph would help me visualize where which module is implemented.

Something like this.


My idea was to maybe add a feature which uses doxygen to compile dot graphs for a test/application and board.

So when executing “make doc board=Bordname” in the folder test_spi then graphs for this project and board are created.

Maybe include graphs or such a Module, feature defines graph.

This would make it possible to just generate one graph for a test and add this to the depending readme or wiki page.

When implementing you could fastly grasp which feature are necessary and where they should be.

Also a comparison of the different cpu and boards could be done.

But for me the most important improvement would be I could build this for a board and fastly grasp where which feature is implemented.

This would also help newcomers to get a fast overview of what is where.

Is there interest for such a feature? Does any one have an idea of how to best implement this?

Best regards



I think this is certainly an interesting idea! You will probably not even need Doxygen for anything, plain graphviz (dot) is probably enough.

Best regards, Joakim

Joakim this sounds like you have some idea how to? Could you please elaborate?

Best regards,



Hi Josua,

it is also something I am interested in, not only an image but extracting informations on modules.

Could you put descriptive names on the informations you would be interested in? And if you have some priorities in mind.

Also, if you have an example of something you wanted to know and had a hard time finding.

Regards, Gaëtan


Hi Gaëtan,

Basically the extraction if the information is the part I struggle with. As I have seen there is already a lot you can get when calling make BOARD=xxx and …

“ info-objsize info-buildsizes info-build info-boards-supported info-features-missing info-modules info-cpu info-features-provided info-features-required

info-buildsizes info-buildsizes-diff info-features-missing info-boards-features-missing ”

But this results only in state information and not in what is where. With that it is not possible to generate a figure.