How to send packet to Coap server

How to send “gnrc_pktsnip_t” packet to Server Coap?

Hi Alberto,


You have a few options:

1) gcoap - See the link on the wiki [1] to the example. As the primary author, I'm kind of partial to it. :slight_smile:

2) nanocoap - There is a link to it's source from the gcoap entry on the wiki. It's an external package, but developed by Kaspar. There is a server-based example [3], but it can act as a client also. gcoap uses some of its functionality, and I also wrote a comparison with gcoap in a PR [2].

3) yacoap - It's a pull request [4], but provides client-based functionality to microcoap.

4) libcoap - There is a package for it [5], but it's oversized for resource constrained environments.

Check them out, or as Kaspar just posted, let us know your particular requirements.


[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Hi Kaspar, you’re right. I have an OpenMote which has installed server Coap ( and another OpenMote which has installed a sniffer ( that, i think, sniff “gnrc_pktsnip_t” and print it on the shell. Thus i want send these packet to server coap. Is it possible?


No idea?