How to add custom board

Hello everyone !!

Recently I have observed RIOT OS documentation but I could not easily found how to make support of custom board (when i created my own board) for RIOT OS.

Could anybody share a useful link to documentation ?? Or support …

According examples I need only set BOARD Variable and set variable responsible for chosen CPU. Am I right ?

Also is there any information if CC3000 and CC3200 WIFI chips will be supported ?

And how to integrate a new chip to RIOT OS ? Where instruction for it or lower level API for integrating new chip within RIOT OS ?

Hi Denis,

Thank you Kaspar,

Do you know if there is support WIFI (WLAN) stack. According RIOT OS documentation there is not support WLAN stack, but some where was metioned the CC3000 chip support. I am interesting in CC3200 and CC3220 chips support for RIOT OS, but RIOT OS should support WLAN stack ?