HikoB Fox or IoT Lab - ST2M32F103REY

Thank for RIOT. It is very great!

I would like to use HikoB Fox or IoT Lab. Because many drivers are implemented and testet in these boards.

Do you know any cheap commercial board, which contains a similar microcontroller. ST2M32F103REY

Many Thanks

Hi Albab,

and welcome to RIOT! There is the spark-core which contains the stm32f103cb and has support in RIOT. The cost is about 40$. An other board that currently has no support in RIOT (but should not be hard to port) is the stm32 nucleo-f103rb which costs about 15$ . Of course both boards do not contain the same sensors than the fox board does. The stm board doesn’t even have any transceiver.

There is also a collection of different boards holding different MCUs of the stm32 family.

Cheers, Peter