Help testing Kinetis dev boards

Dear developers, Eistec have begun adding support for more Kinetis Freedom development boards (frdm-k22f 1, frdm-kw41z 2), to improve RIOT’s hardware coverage.

I would be thankful if anyone with access to these boards would test it and comment in the PRs with the results of their tests.

I have opened a tracker issue 3 on GitHub for viewing the progress of this effort.

Best regards, Joakim Nohlgård Eistec AB

Hi Joakim

just the other day, we ordered a couple frdm-kw41z at Inria, so we should be able to test here soon.



Hi Joakim,

FYI I just got hold of some kw41z boards. gnrc_networking compiles on both OS X and Ubuntu (Vagrant). Now I am trying to debug some trouble with jlink (can’t flash the board yet).



I forgot to mention that you will need a development snapshot of openocd for the kw41z. See my kwxxz-support branch at

Best regards, Joakim